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Meet The Photographer @lincolnpicture

Maxwell Lincoln Neubacher is a 21 year old, originally from Markham, Ontario and now lives in Montreal, Quebec.

Where did it all start? Honestly, I have no idea how any of this started. I’ve come so far from just wasting film rolls at my mom’s place. I started taking photos when I was around 14. My mom is an art teacher at a high school, so there were always different art supplies around my house. I remember finding a Pentax K-1000 while looking in one of her closets. At that time, I was getting more interested in skateboarding, music and fashion. I was admiring other aspects of the creative fields, like DJing, photography and design. So I started taking photos of my friends while on skate trips or just of things I would see. When I moved to Montreal for university, where I actually started in the Philosophy program. I was also taking a History of Photography class, and I was impressed by the Art programs at Concordia. I applied to the Photography program on a whim, thinking I wouldn’t make it, but to my surprise, I was accepted. From there, it was just class after class of feeling not good enough. Everyone in that program is so talented. My photography had always been just for fun, and subject-wise consisted of whatever I saw day-to-day and the things I was doing.

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