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Back to Campus Couple 'Fits

This week, we’re raving over athleisure couple ‘fits that scream couple goals! Be it your bestie or your boo, show off your love with these shoppable trends that will have campus talking about that day Jay Z and Beyonce showed up to the field or was it Elliot Page and Emma Portner?

Playful Two's

Let your partner take center stage for a well-rehearsed but chill twosome look. Statement outfits shine when worn with quieter pieces, so balance out the loud between you. If your best friend is rocking prints or tie-dye to the festival, lay back in all black with subtle accents. This could be a bag, cap, or a simple graphic tee in the same hue. Check out our texturized logo hoodie to pull off the look.

Winning at Twinning

When done right, twinning is a super stylish look to rock at an event or an outing that is important to you. Avoid matching from head to toe, but dress in two versions of the same outfit to let the crowd know that you may complete each other's sentences, but you'll never speak over each other. Choose tops and bottoms with almost-similar details but different base colors to make your sporty-chic statement.

Team Synergy

The coolest couple on the block is giving off powerful without having to flex vibes. They may be drenched in earth tones from top to bottom, but there's nothing earthly about this couple's look. Casual vibes on their own, but together they're magic. That's what synergy is about. Choose neutral tone loungewear to compliment each other at the library, on a camping trip, or while shopping.

Coming soon: The super cozy Laya sweat hoodie from our sustainable collection in light Khaki. Made from recycled cotton.

Fall Together

Of course, you can never go wrong dressing for the season in 24-hour fresh looks. Don't forget to Fall together by donning greens, browns, and burgundy to dominate the classroom. Plus, experiment with hoodies underneath your outerwear to stay extra warm and on-trend.

Monochrome Duets

Yes! Coming through with one of the sharpest trends of the season, monochrome. But how do you rock monochrome as a couple? Choose a black or white as a base color and pepper the look with contrasting accents to match your partner. Contrasting drawstrings and stripes are perfect for monochrome duette looks. A great way to elevate this look from day to night is by mixing different textures to create a striking effect. Try blending denim or metallic fabrics with loungewear. Oh, and keep an eye out on our accessories section to get this bag.

Pro tip: the coach may ask why you've come to campus matched with your bestie, and the simple answer is: It's fabulous!

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